Teknia Micro Undergoes yet Another Website Makeover – Jan 2019

Already…. we saw room for improvement to show off some new techniques. So here goes…!

Upgraded Hosting

  • Managed hosting platform with a 24/7/365 ticketing system to provide tech support within a 2-3 hour time frame.


  • We utilize a CDN for our images that enables faster page loads using a network of servers from locations all over the world.
  • We use techniques that hold images from loading until after scrolling to new sections that improves page load speed. Especially for mobile devices.

Website Makeover – Feb 2016

It was time….our site was looking dated again and Google penalizes websites that aren’t “Responsive”, meaning compatible with cell phone and tablet screens.

The picture to right is a screenshot of our old 2013 – 2015 Front Page =>

Best Practices
is a subjective term but people appreciate information that is presented in a simple to complex manner.

Is a Website Makeover Hard to Do?
It’s not like starting from scratch but makeovers are easier if the basics were addressed in the present website; navigation, fully developed content about products and services, etc.

So when you undertake a makeover, make sure to update all your info, include your social media links and recent pictures.


Free Online DictionaryMakeover Definition
n. An overall treatment to improve the appearance or change the image.
n. renovation; restoration.
Noun. makeover – a complete reconstruction & renovation of something; “the blighted neighborhood underwent a total makeover.”

Managing Expectations
Everyone is aware that issues arise from failure to manage expectations from project beginning. That’s why we anticipate things that will come up and are prepared to help people through the makeover process. Owners need to know that a lot of back and forth is necessary to build a website that presents the business interests in the *best manner.

Unreasonable Owner Attachment

<= The screenshot to the left is of our old website design.

Our original Teknia Micro website is an example of a mistake choosing design over function. When we realized it, we started a makeover on August 5th, 2013

We Resisted the Makeover…

We understand “not wanting to give-up” on something that works (and is paid for)

  • Issue 1: We were overly attached to the ‘grass’ picture because it was used on the business card.
  • Issue 2: The theme was too dark making the text hard to read.
  • Issue 3: The site looked dated.
  • Issue 4: The theme wasn’t updated along with the CMS (Content Management System) and issues arose in the menu system.
  • Issue 5: Most Importantly, this design lacked features to make the site competitive.

Issues Business Owners Can Face

We can help with almost any issue you face and if not, know where to look to get back on track.

As you know, in today’s economy, the best website wins!

Our goal is to take the website up a notch, make the site mobile responsive, fresh, competitive and safe. If your website needs a professional makeover please give us a call. We understand the implications and can assist you through the process.  Better makeovers are the result of experience. Putting website design in our hands means more time and money in yours.