Digital Strategies – Business Class SEO 

Business partners and SEO doodle on blackboard with success road view

Business partners and SEO doodle on blackboard with success road view

Business Class Websites with Digital Strategies take planning. Our plan starts with going into battle facing the problems with you, shoulder to shoulder, side by side focusing on your business and applying the best solutions that will have the quickest ROI.

Determining buyer intent and the outcomes you seek from your website before, after and during website  launch can save lots of time, effort and expense.

Half the battle may be spent on getting past ‘tech gibberish’ and decrapify operations. (Just kidding but ya, decrapify is defined in the urban dictionary.)


…to decipher, make sense of, or explain the truth behind any statement or explanation which has been blown out of proportion to the extent of being B.S.
When Bob told me all about…

Low Cost Business Class SEO

Proven to lower Cost Per Click (CPC) Marketing Expense

  • Gain visibility and page rank in desired markets
  • Reduce burdens on Small Business Owner.
  • Capture and engage Social Media without the ‘time sink’.
  • Displace the need for Yellow Page and Dex Listings.
  • Unify your Sales Message and empower a 24/7/365 Sales Team.

Digital Strategies

Image of cloud with the words: Search Engine Optimization- Business Class SEOWebsite design, SEO Tactics and Implementation.
Teknia Micro has developed SEO techniques that quickly dominate and frustrate competitors.


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Updated March 2020