Image of Distant Man on Beach - Web Designer MistakesA web designer may make a terrific website using ‘flash’ or other technologies that can cost business owners dearly if they are making business decisions.

Here are 3 common Web Designer Mistakes we’ve had to overcome for clients.

  • Invisible Websites
  • Poor Naming Choices
  • Marketing Asset Management

The $3000 Invisible Flash Website

Invisible because no one sees the website listed in organic search results so the owner was forced to spend about $600 a month on CPC ads targeting their industry keywords.

Updating content is 2 – 3 times as expensive and takes a lot longer than more robust website technologies. Flash Websites look good but don’t load on all devices and Google search bots can’t gather keywords from the flash media.

Web Designer Mistakes Part 1: Web Designers tend to choose looks over function.

Poor Naming Choices

Web Designer Mistakes Part 2: Selection of a business domain name is tougher than it used to be and the implications can be costly. For example, if you select a name that contains “Rocky Mountain” then you must battle for exposure (PageRank) on search engines with all the existing entities that have “Rocky Mountain” in their name. The words “Rocky Mountain Park” are mentioned on About 40,900,000 websites according to Google.

Day One PageRank

Using the example above, your initial PageRank would be About 40,900,001 which is quite a challenge to overcome for a locale business.

Business Planning

An Internet Strategist will help you determine the size of your market as it relates to marketing your business on the web.    Local, Metro, Regional or US

Marketing Asset Management

Web Designer Mistakes Part 3: The owner approved the Office Manager’s request to get a company brochure and the Office Manager hired someone to put it together. The cost was $3000 and it looked great. Problems arose when someone wanted to use pictures from the brochure. The brochure producer had not saved the pictures separately or the word doc that contained all the text used in the brochure.

  1. As other departments retyped the brochure, mistakes were made.
  2. When it came time to update and re-print the brochure, they had to start over.

Web Designer Mistakes Bottom line:

Web Designer are generally not aware that they are making far reaching business decisions or the implications of these decisions on the owner’s bottom line.The Web Designer Mistakes are costly and take time and money to correct.

The brochure was a one use expense because the pieces couldn’t be used by the other marketing departments. A lot of money could have been saved if all the pieces would have been preserved in a Marketing Asset Vault so that everyone could share as needed. <<read more>>

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