Image of lonely Single palm tree on a beachMany business owners are abandoned by web designers leaving them without access to update or maintain their website. Many can’t control their domain name, access email or social media sites others have created for them.

Web hosts can hold a site hostage until payment is current. These issues become critical when phone numbers or business addresses change and clients notice.

Web designer abandonment is an industry ‘dirty secret’ that is common as people move on to other careers or shut people off when disagreements occur.

We make it a point to provide all relevant website user names, passwords and control panel information so that our clients are not stuck without a way to update and maintain their websites.

Poor Decisions – HIGH Ongoing COSTS

A poor choice of domain name results in HIGHER AD COSTS for Cost per Click (CPC) marketing.

*A poor choice of domain name also results in HIGHER BRANDING EXPENSES.

Weak SEO results in lower PageRank which produces HIGHER AD COSTS.


Business owners should make careful considerations about who they allow to make business decisions.

  • Your name “IS” your brand on the internet.
  • Engage in the back and forth necessary to build and maintain a business class website.
  • Ownership is always better than renting.
  • Paying for listings in referral networks only last as long as you pay for them.