Teknia Micro provides ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services) to compete for PageRank against client competitors.

If you are trying to sort through the SEO gibberish then we can help.

Website Visibility Matters!

We know how to compete and do it efficiently no matter what size market.

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The 1st Website seen gets the call.

Our SEO Service packages vary by size and we offer various a la carte SEO Service options. We know that everyone’s needs will vary based on the competitiveness of their industry; let’s explore what you need and work something out.

Please feel free to contact us if you need affordable, low cost SEO services.

Affordable Website Visibility Matters More

People First — We use SEO onpage optimization tools and techniques to shape website content for people 1st and search engines 2nd.

SPOILER ALERT: We keep our SEO Client information confidential so that our clients don’t attract a lot of unnecessary attention from competitors and our SEO competitors won’t be able to reverse engineer our SEO methods.