Image of cartoon snakeThe Number One Business Owner’s Nightmare is the disconnect between marketing providers.

Various providers can be part of your marketing team and they all work differently using different tools and formats to produce your marketing assets.

They include: The Office manager, Marketing, Logo Company, Printing Company, Photographers, Web Designers, Web Developers, Marketing Coordinators and Website Coordinators. Here are some problems and the solutions for dealing with them.

Marketing produces a brochure.

  • Shares it with everyone by PDF.
  • Can’t find the word doc they used to produce the brochure.
    • So everyone has to retype the content
  • The web designer can’t use the embedded pictures or layout from the PDF
  • After 3 emails, sends all the brochure pieces by some service that requires a password to retrieve the file. (then the link expires and it takes a week to get the files)

The Office Manager

Submits your info to Yellow Pages with your domain name. Your business name is now listed at the end with a couple competitors that used the www. also.

The Logo Guy is an Alien

Sometimes related in some way to the Marketing Guru, this 15 year old offers shock and awe but rarely completes a project on time.

The Printer makes your Business Card

  • 1 year later, didn’t save the images so needs to recreate your card from scratch instead of just adding a phone number or changing your address.
  • Doesn’t recall the font they used (or the codes for the colors)
  • Puts the www on the card

The Photographer is yet a different breed of Alien

  • didn’t compact the images before sending them to you
    • the huge image size bonked your email program.
  • sends you a tiff or bitmap file, then says, “HUH?” when you ask, “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”
  • Didn’t save the original picture, thought you had it.

The Web Designer and The Web Developer

Can’t explain the delays caused by issues beyond their control.

Image of animals in drawingChoosing a Marketing Coordinator over a Website Coordinator is a bad business decision unless they have a technical background.

Time and Cost Saving Solutions for Mitigating the Number 1 Website Issue for Business Owners

  • Put One Person in Charge with Payment Override Power
    • Make sure this person has tolerance for the back and forth needed to herd snakes
    • Snake Herding is a skill…
  • Know what is needed by each marketing department
    • Pictures should be in .jpg or .png formats
    • Word doc must be stripped of formatting before the content can be used on the web
  • Explain to each department that their production is to be shared and available in multiple formats.
  • Create an In house Media Library as a repository so all your marketing assets can be reused and shared.
  • Don’t pay these people until you get everything you need for every marketing department.

A Business Owner’s Number One Problem when it comes to building a website is the disconnect among marketing providers because it wastes time and money.

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