Why Teknia Micro?

First impressions can mean everything. Especially in business. That’s why creating a business website that will leave a lasting impression is so important. At Teknia Micro, operating from an owner’s perspective, our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable, highly functional but affordable website.  We deliver high ROI by capturing more leads and converting them into more sales. Putting website design in our hands means more time and money in yours.

Our Knowledge: How, What and When

2 People facing Blackboard with SEO and other terms Search Engine Optimization-- © Creativa - Fotolia.com - Image of cloud with the words: Search Engine Optimization- Digital StrategiesOur strength is that we not only know how to use web technologies but we know what to do and when. We can adapt quickly to competitors with ethical white hat techniques without utilizing voodoo SEO schemes.

We offer Affordable SEO Packages and we do it correctly!

We are passionate about helping you use ‘tech’ so you can be more productive.

We also know how to implement and integrate web technologies into your site without huge development costs. Because we know the cost and implications of different desktop, server and web technologies we can guide you to best case utilization of your resources.

We explain the technology before you waste money trying to reinvent the wheel. We help you leverage technology so that your team can perform better.

Our Reputation

We have been fortunate to work with amazing clients, such as those listed on our Projects Portfolio.  Feel free to check out our various web projects which demonstrate our skills.

References happily shared during our first meeting.

SPOILER ALERT: We keep our SEO Client information confidential so that our clients don’t attract a lot of unnecessary attention from competitors and our SEO competitors won’t be able to reverse engineer our SEO methods.

Our Service

We call back, promptly and follow up on your needs.  We also create shared documents that include all your vital web information so you aren’t scrambling to contact us when a domain name renewal is due or when you can’t recall your Twitter password.

Common Technologies We Integrate Into Websites

We can implement almost anything your business needs into your website including:

  • Website contact forms
  • Social Media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook info
  • Various Widgets including Google Voice “Call” Widgets
  • Gmail for email triage and SPAM control
  • RSS – Really Simple Syndication
  • Google docs (to manage site changes)

We offer consulting for the following:

The key to production is knowing what to do next. Our efficiencies come from years of experience solving business problems associated with technology and mentoring our clients through the various pitfalls businesses face with a public presence on the web.

  • Naming issues
  • Domain name selection and registration assistance
  • Website and email hosting
  • Social media management (SMM)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SEM (search engine marketing)

We manage:

Google Adwords and Bing Online Marketing Campaigns with emphasis on:

  1. Managing and sharing ALL marketing assets among your various departments.
  2. Leveraging your marketing funds for MAXIMUM ROI

Cost per Click (CPC) (also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • bidding on keywords
  • ad impressions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO Implementation

  • On-page content optimization
  • Content shaping

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